Trajectories of Teacher Traits: Professional, Administrative, and Social Roles


  • Nabaraj Neupane Department of English Education, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal



Controller, Prompter, Rapport Builder, Resource, Task Doer


Teaching in higher education has undergone numerous paradigm shifts from teacher-centred authoritative to learner-centred
critical and culturally responsive/relevant pedagogies. Further, single method-boundedness has been substituted by the
integration of pedagogies via eclecticism in the post-method contexts. Further, virtual learning and paperless classroom,
which were not dreamed in the past, has become realistic because of the innovative practices in the domain of information
and communication technology in education in general and the pandemic situation created by COVID19 specifically. These
shifts have sparked tremendous changes in the teaching field. Based on these presumptions, this article aims to envisage
teachers’ multifarious roles to play and tasks to perform. To achieve this aim, I have adopted a document analysis method
that lies within the typology of the qualitative approach. Moreover, I have found three main categories of teachers’ roles
including professional, administrative, and social. These roles present a portrait of wholistic teacher traits inside and outside
the classroom. The study implies that teachers should be capable of negotiating their roles and tasks based on the contexts
they encounter.




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